Office of Sponsored Programs

Office of Sponsored Programs

From grant proposal to post-award accountability, the Office of Sponsored Programs helps Seminole State College staff help the community. 

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) at Seminole State College (SSC) coordinates awards to the College that are financed through external funds.  Such funding supports various instructional and public service activities that fall within the College’s priorities and support the College’s mission.

The OSP works closely with campus and fiscal affairs staff to coordinate requests for funding from Federal, State and local government sources as well as non-governmental sources.  OSP is the central point of coordination for sponsored projects and the College’s authorized representative for grants, contracts and other agreements from government agencies, private industry, and non-profit foundations. The staff of OSP is committed to helping faculty, staff and students seek and obtain external funding, submit proposals, administer awards, and comply with all applicable College and sponsor policies.

The OSP is responsible for coordination of all pre-award activities, including: compliance with granting agency and college policies; serving as primary liaison and advisor to grant-writing teams; and providing grant opportunity information to faculty and administrators. The OSP, in coordination with the Office of Fiscal Affairs, is also responsible for performing post-award grant management duties, including compliance, reporting and financial oversight.

What is a "sponsored" program?

A college program is "sponsored" if it solicits and receives a restricted award (i.e. the funds can only be used for that program) from a source outside the normal operating budget (i.e. financed through external funds) in order to support various instructional and public service activities. The OSP is pleased to offer guidance to faculty, administrators and staff on the grant application development process. Our support focuses on three important areas - identifying grant funders; developing a proposal; and developing a budget. We encourage those interested to utilize resources to find grant funders. The OSP will also offer information about funding sources.  Developing a grant proposal includes defining the project. OSP will provide assistance in helping those interested to refine the project idea and ensure that the narrative portion of the grant application meets the funder's requirements. The OSP will also collaborate with you in drafting the narrative.  Developing a budget is a critical step in the grant application development process. The OSP urges those interested to speak with us about developing a budget.

Grant Databases and Sources of Support

Identifying a potential funder for your project is a critical step in the grant submission process. Those interested can work independently to find a funder. In addition, the Office of Sponsored Programs will collaborate with you to find a funder whose giving interests align with your project.



Fundsnet Services Online:  Provides grant writing and fund-raising resource information to those in need of funding for their programs and initiatives.  The federal government's online application system. It provides one central portal where organizations and individuals can electronically find and apply for grants throughout the federal government.


GrantsNet:   This is a one-stop resource to find funds for research and training in the sciences.

Governmental Sources of Support



The Office of Sponsored Programs encourages those interested to discuss proposal ideas. Based on the conversations and the proposal idea, we will help identify foundations - independent, corporate and family - that have funding interests that align with your goals.