Interscholastic Meet

Interscholastic Meet

Seminole State annually hosts an Interscholastic Meet for our local High Schools to compete in academic testing and art contests. We have also in the past included a photography and speech contest. We welcome your High School to compete!

Seminole State College 51st Annual Interscholastic Meet




2024 Interscholastic Guidelines

Interscholastic Art Rules

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Interscholastic School Registration

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School Classification

DIVISIONS:  The meet is divided into two divisions: Division I is comprised of schools classified as 4A, and 3A and Division II is comprised of schools ranked as 2A and A according to the OSSAA Academic Bowl classifications. If we do not have enough schools in each division, we may combine all participating schools into one division.


Results are separated by Division I or II  and then organized by Test then sorted by placement (1st place, 2nd place, etc.). 

In each division the school that accumulates the most points is awarded a sweepstakes trophy.  Points are awarded by placing in a test. 1st place=5 points, 2nd place=4 points, 3rd place=3 points, 4th place=2 points, 5th place=1 point.


2023 Results

2023 Overall Winners

Division I 

Overall winner: Preston 38 points

Runner up: Plainview 32 points

Division II 

Overall winner: Allen 28 points

Runner up: Liberty Academy 27 points

Division 1

Art Exhibition Winners

Best in Show 
Kyndal Hogue, Tecumseh High School
Keegan Bellefeville, Latta High School 
1st   Jonathan Harris, Plainview High School
2nd  Olivia Zhao, Plainview High School
3rd  Grace Morgan, Plainview High School
1st   Brody Bone, Tecumseh High School
2nd  Elisa Whitney, Tecumseh High School
3rd  Chrystian Hogue, Tecumseh High School 
Drawing/Black-White and Colored Media
1st   Scarlet Williams, Plain View High School
2nd  Allissa Dunagan, Tecumseh High School
3rd  Keegan Belleeuille, Latta High School
Test Name Placing School Student
Algebra 1 1 North Rock Creek Branch, Kinzey
Algebra 1 2 Preston Herring, Jayden 
Algebra 1 3 Pauls Valley Hamilton, Anna
Algebra 1 4 Plainview Canady, Noah
Algebra 1 5 Tecumseh Ahlstrom, Jay
American History 1 Preston Smith, Luke
American History 2 Bethel Martin, Benjamin
American History 3 Bethel Bussell, Bray
American History 4 North Rock Creek Ware, Christian
American History 5 Latta Hill, Charles
American Literature 1 Bethel Drew, Luke
American Literature 2 Morris Pritchard, Brooklynn
American Literature 3 Preston Hurst, Thomas 
American Literature 4 Pauls Valley Christensen, Sarah
American Literature 5 Holdenville Hart, Melissa
Biology 1 Tecumseh Phillips, Amaurina 
Biology 2 Pauls Valley Ballard, Levi 
Biology 3 Morris Ramirez, Braden
Biology 4 Wynnewood Stewart, Samantha
Biology 5 North Rock Creek Hanna, Hope
Chemistry 1 Plainview Canady, Noah
Chemistry 2 Wynnewood Taylor, Keelan
Chemistry 3 Morris Merrill, Ean
Chemistry 4 Tecumseh Lewelling, Dalton
Chemistry 5 Morris Criner, Colton
Civics 1 Tecumseh Burcham, Aidan
Civics 2 Plainview Mysore, Abhinu
Civics 3 Preston Herring, Jayden 
Civics 4 Meeker McDoulett, Mariah 
Civics 5 Bethel Martin, Benjamin
Computer Science 1 Pauls Valley Yates, Sam
Computer Science 2 Plainview Isbell, James
Computer Science 3 Seminole Cogburn, Jode 
Computer Science 4 Prague Newman, Shane
Computer Science 5 Pauls Valley Brown, Toby
English Literature 1 Morris Tiger-Harjo, Keyton
English Literature 2 Latta Roberson, Gracie
English Literature 3 Preston Hightower, Tayelor
English Literature 4 North Rock Creek Swindell, Liz
English Literature 5 Holdenville Hart, Melissa
General Business 1 Plainview Kagan, Jeremiah
General Business 2 Preston Hurst, Thomas 
General Business 3 Plainview Zimmerman, Zach
General Business 4 Pauls Valley Stanley, Logan
General Business 5 Preston Hightower, Tayelor
Geometry (Plane) 1 Preston Criner, Sam
Geometry (Plane) 2 North Rock Creek Wiles, Ben
Geometry (Plane) 3 Plainview Ownby, Anna Kate
Geometry (Plane) 4 Tecumseh Wolke, Carson
Geometry (Plane) 5 Preston Deville, Kierra
Oklahoma History 1 Morris McGirt, McKinley
Oklahoma History 2 Preston Boyd, Brynna
Oklahoma History 3 Plainview Smith, Jesse
Oklahoma History 4 Pauls Valley Green, Isaac
Oklahoma History 5 Plainview Wallace, Ivan
Physics 1 Preston Hurst, Thomas 
Physics 2 North Rock Creek Wiles, Ben
Physics 3 Morris Scott, Camrun
Physics 4 Plainview Harris, Jonathan
Physics 5 Morris Merrill, Ean

Division 2

Art Exhibition Winners

Best in Show 
Allison Wilson, Vanoss High School
Brandon Logster- Wayne High School
Kamryn Goss, Preston High School
1st   Mia Sweet, Vanoss High School
2nd  Caleb Yarbrough, Vanoss High School
3rd   Madelyn Gray, Vanoss High School
1st   Sophia Clanton, Paden Public Schools 
2nd  Hanna Logsdon, Wayne High School 
3rd   Phoebey Finch, Preston Public School
Drawing/Black-White and Colored Media
1st   Scarlett Williams, Plainview High School
2nd  Abigail Leann Lane, Dewar High School
3rd   Lysa Dyer Paden Public School
Test Name Placing School Student
Algebra 1 1 Allen Wood, Taylor
Algebra 1 2 Liberty Academy Germond, Matthew
Algebra 1 3 Vanoss Townsend, Harrison 
Algebra 1 4 Wayne Bloodworth, Ethan
Algebra 1 5 Dewar Proctor, Kristen
American History 1 Mason BOGLE, NOAH
American History 2 Liberty Academy Germond, Daniel
American History 3 Paden Ellis, Ivy
American History 4 Strother Goforth, Clayton
American History 5 Moss Pugh, Joshua
American Literature 1 Allen Williams, Camdyn 
American Literature 2 Dewar Withrow, Jess
American Literature 3 New Lima Jordan, Mackenzie
American Literature 4 Paden Ellis, Ivy
American Literature 5 Agra Thomas, Jaylee
Biology 1 Liberty Academy Germond, Matthew
Biology 2 Allen Walker, Keenan
Biology 3 Paden Dyer, Lyra
Biology 4 Vanoss Shepherd, Nate 
Biology 5 Dewar Russell, John
Chemistry 1 Paden Clanton, Victoria
Chemistry 2 Butner Roza, Jayden
Chemistry 3 Vanoss Grigg, Alaina 
Chemistry 4 Liberty Academy Hicks, Bethany
Chemistry 5 Paden Her, Tristan
Civics 1 Konawa Bell, Keagan 
Civics 2 Liberty Academy Palmer, Cale 
Civics 3 New Lima Ketcher, Ian
Civics 4 Liberty Academy Bashkimi, Mikele
Civics 5 Strother Underwood, Marissa
Computer Science 1 Dewar McGowin, Levi
Computer Science 2 Allen Wood, Taylor
Computer Science 3 Strother Barksdale, Vladimir
Computer Science 4 Agra Hancock, Anthony 
Computer Science 5 Allen Mann, Levi
English Literature 1 Paden Clanton, Victoria
English Literature 2 Liberty Academy Palmer, Cale 
English Literature 3 Dewar Byrd, Averie
English Literature 4 Liberty Academy Hicks, Bethany
English Literature 5 Macomb Tesalona, Flora
General Business 1 Paden Clanton, Victoria
General Business 2 Agra Haughton, Aaron 
General Business 3 Mason SMITH, CLARISSA
General Business 4 Asher Easter, Kayla
General Business 5 Asher Culwell, Brogan
Geometry (Plane) 1 Konawa Hill, Chloe 
Geometry (Plane) 2 Wayne Fielder, Jenna
Geometry (Plane) 3 Dewar Powell, Isaac
Geometry (Plane) 4 Butner Gore, Zane
Geometry (Plane) 5 New Lima Driggers, Libby
Oklahoma History 1 Allen ODaniel, Ty
Oklahoma History 2 Allen Todd, Jack
Oklahoma History 3 Konawa Yahola, Thomas 
Oklahoma History 4 Agra Pendergraff, Rylie
Oklahoma History 5 Asher Tubbesing, Christine
Physics 1 Butner Roza, Jayden
Physics 2 Vanoss Hill, Tyler 
Physics 3 Asher Tubbesing, Rico
Physics 4 Wayne Baker, Sean
Physics 5 Vanoss Shepherd, Nate 

2022 Results

2022 Overall Winners

In Division I  Preston with 50 points was the overall winner. Runner up was Pauls Valley with 31 points.

In Division II  Allen with 29 points was the overall winner and the runner up was Paden with 21 points.

(A list of full results can be found below)

Division 1

Test Place School Name
Algebra 1 1 Preston Price, Jake
Algebra 1 2 Morris Merrill, Ean
Algebra 1 3 Little Axe Green, Taylor
Algebra 1 4 North Rock Creek Wiles, Ben
Algebra 1 5 Tecumseh Kipps, Elizabeth
American Literature 1 Bethel Gardner, Brady
American Literature 2 Little Axe Green, Taylor
American Literature 3 Morris Dean, Tyler
American Literature 4 Davis Harris, Merry
American Literature 5 Latta Hunley, Olivia
Biology 1 Preston Hurst, Thomas 
Biology 2 Pauls Valley Meyer, Phoenix
Biology 3 Wynnewood McCallum, Aidan
Biology 4 Bethel Franklin, Ashton
Biology 5 Tecumseh Kipps, Elizabeth
Chemistry 1 Pauls Valley Quinn, Piper 
Chemistry 2 Pauls Valley Brown, Toby
Chemistry 3 Davis Baldwin, Kyler 
Chemistry 4 Wynnewood Stewart, Samantha
Chemistry 5 Holdenville Beccerra, Quetzali
Civics 1 Preston Hurst, Thomas 
Civics 2 Pauls Valley Bolte, Donovan
Civics 3 North Rock Creek Edwards, Caden
Civics 4 Morris Casey, Jackson
Civics 5 North Rock Creek McMullan, Noah
Computer Science 1 Pauls Valley Yates, Sam
Computer Science 2 Preston Herring, Jayden
Computer Science 3 Seminole Stanfill, Preston 
Computer Science 4 Prague Newman, Shane
Computer Science 5 Latta Charqueno, Rafael
English Literature 1 Latta Crawford, Elizabeth 
English Literature 2 Tecumseh Madden, Jacob
English Literature 3 Preston Webb, Nadia
English Literature 4 Seminole Williams, Garrett 
English Literature 5 Pauls Valley Bolte, Donovan
General Business 1 Preston Price, Skyler 
General Business 2 Little Axe Green, Taylor
General Business 3 Preston Crow, Ben
General Business 4 Davis Baldwin, Kyler 
General Business 5 Morris Kohnen, Trinity
Geometry (Plane) 1 Preston Price, Jake
Geometry (Plane) 2 Tecumseh Lewelling, Dalton
Geometry (Plane) 3 Pauls Valley Sullivan, Eddie
Geometry (Plane) 4 Wynnewood Taylor, Keelan 
Geometry (Plane) 5 Preston Ramsey, Braden
Oklahoma History 1 Davis Jennings, Jett
Oklahoma History 2 Latta James, Jocelyn
Oklahoma History 3 North Rock Creek King, David
Oklahoma History 4 Tecumseh Lewelling, Dalton
Oklahoma History 5 Tecumseh Phillips, Amauriana
Physics 1 Preston Price, Skyler 
Physics 2 Preston Miller, Linley
Physics 3 North Rock Creek Chesser, Conlan
Physics 4 Morris Stice, Nate
Physics 5 Bethel Gardner, Brady
American History 1 Preston Hurst, Thomas 
American History 2 Pauls Valley Meyer, Phoenix
American History 3 Bethel Franklin, Ashton
American History 4 North Rock Creek Edwards, Caden
American History 5 Pauls Valley Thornton, Mekh


Division 2

Test Place School Name
Algebra 1 1 Roff Harris, Danleigh
Algebra 1 2 Allen Wood, Taylor
Algebra 1 3 Allen Roniss, Ethan
Algebra 1 4 New Lima Driggers, Libby
Algebra 1 5 New Lima Jordan, Mackenzie
American Literature 1 Agra Petty, Kelcie 
American Literature 2 Allen Williams, Camdyn
American Literature 3 Liberty Academy Germond, Daniel
American Literature 4 Asher Richard, Tubbesing
American Literature 5 Paden Wagner, DJ
Biology 1 Paden Clanton, Victoria 
Biology 2 Butner Roza, Jayden 
Biology 3 Roff Harris, Danleigh
Biology 4 Liberty Academy Palmer, Cale 
Biology 5 Agra Makaron, Zack
Chemistry 1 Butner Roza, Jayden 
Chemistry 2 Paden Dyer, Lyra 
Chemistry 3 Butner Owen , Carlee 
Chemistry 4 Dewar McGowin, Levi
Chemistry 5 Allen Beavert, Jake
Civics 1 Konawa Bell, Keagan
Civics 2 Agra Smith, Lizzie 
Civics 3 Strother Underwood, Marissa 
Civics 4 Maud Carey, Matthew
Civics 5 Mason Henshaw, Cecil
Computer Science 1 Allen Wood, Taylor
Computer Science 2 Dewar McGowin, Levi
Computer Science 3 Konawa Brantley, Bryson
Computer Science 4 Calvin Tyler, Race
Computer Science 5 Liberty Academy Germond, Daniel
English Literature 1 Paden Clanton, Victoria 
English Literature 2 Strother Williamson, Grayce
English Literature 3 Varnum Merritt, Mya
English Literature 4 Allen Wallace, Sam 
English Literature 5 Agra Petty, Kelcie 
General Business 1 Asher Kurstin, Kuhlman
General Business 2 Mason Cazares, Diana
General Business 3 Allen Beavert, Jake
General Business 4 Konawa Gee, Lydia
General Business 5 Calvin Coffey, Jaiden
Geometry (Plane) 1 New Lima Factor, Caitlyn
Geometry (Plane) 2 New Lima Lindemann, Lexi
Geometry (Plane) 3 Wayne Baker, Sean
Geometry (Plane) 4 Allen Roniss, Ethan
Geometry (Plane) 5 Allen Wood, Taylor
Oklahoma History 1 Liberty Academy Johnson, Ethan
Oklahoma History 2 Agra Smith, Lizzie 
Oklahoma History 3 Allen Todd, Jack 
Oklahoma History 4 Liberty Academy Germond, Matthew
Oklahoma History 5 Allen Wallace, Maebrey
Physics 1 Butner Roza, Jayden 
Physics 2 Paden Dyer, Lyra 
Physics 3 Macomb Dabbs, Kahleen
Physics 4 Liberty Academy Germond, Matthew
Physics 5 Roff Simon, Camden 
American History 1 Mason Bogle, Noah
American History 2 Liberty Academy Hicks, Bethany
American History 3 Strother Goforth, Clayton 
American History 4 Paden Stamper, Trevor
American History 5 Butner Johnson, Brooklyn 


Art Awards

Division 1 Division 2
Best of Show Best of Show
Claire Tuley, Davis: Painting

Victoria Clanton, Paden: Painting

Maddie Russell, Pauls Valley: Drawing

Nateasha Piggie, Mason: Drawing

Rosario Godinez, Latta: Sculpture

Drawing Drawing

1st: Tara Lack, Tecumseh

1st:   Nateasha Piggie, Mason

2nd: Lezlee Henshaw, Pauls Valley

2nd: Emily Bass, Paden

3rd: Tara Lack, Tecumseh

3rd: Clarissa Smith, Mason

Sculpture Sculpture

1st: Andrew Hobbs, Tecumseh

No Entries

2nd: Kyndal Hogue, Tecumseh

3rd: Mary Arwood, Prague



1st: Zoe Graves, Pauls Valley

1st: Lyra Dyer, Paden

2nd: Ashley Davis, Prague

2nd: Victoria Clanton, Paden

3rd: Arleth Meza, Pauls Valley

3rd: Andrea Edwards, Mason