From:                                         Deanna Miles

Sent:                                           Tuesday, January 19, 2021 3:10 PM

To:                                               AllFacultyStaffGroup; All Students

Subject:                                     Healthy Together App COVID-19 Response




As part of our COVID-19 campus response, we are rolling out a new program at Seminole State College to help keep our students and employees safe, and the campus open for business.  We have partnered with Healthy Together to provide a mobile daily passport experience. Each day, prior to coming to campus, please take a minute and complete the passport survey through an online app.  It is important that you be honest in your responses to determine if you should come to work or attend classes.


The survey is simple and will not take long to complete.  Recommendations from results will mirror College COVID-19 guidelines regarding whether, or not, you should come to campus.  Based on your responses you will receive either a Clear (green) or Not Clear (red) passport with guidance on what to do next. This daily passport will reset each day at midnight. You can customize a daily reminder in the app.


To get started please install the Healthy Together app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. This link will provide the necessary links to find it quickly:


Or you can connect manually to Seminole State College in the app by following the steps below:

1.    Tap the "More" tab once the app has been downloaded

2.    Tap "Connected Organizations"

3.    Tap "Connect to a new organization"

4.    Enter the organization code "202021" without the quotation marks


This WILL NOT replace the COVID-19 Report Form required for those placed in quarantine or isolation.  This is just an extra tool provided free to our students and employees to help ensure safety for everyone. 


You may review our regular quarantine/isolation procedures at:



Deanna Miles M.D., M.H.A.

COVID-19 Officer/ Assistant Professor

Office: Walkingstick 138

Phone: 405-382-9214