Results are separated by Division I or II  and then organized by Test then sorted by placement (1st place, 2nd place, etc.). 

In each division the school that accumulates the most points is awarded a sweepstakes trophy.  Points are awarded by placing in a test. 1st place=5 points, 2nd place=4 points, 3rd place=3 points, 4th place=2 points, 5th place=1 point.


Byng won the Division I sweepstakes award with 84 points, and Preston took the Division II award with 102 points.


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Past Interscholastic Meet Test Results


2009 Test Results  |  2008 Test Results  |  2007 Test Results  |  2006 Test Results



2010 Division 1


Test Place School First Name Last Name
Algebra I 1st Byng Neil Jorgensen
Algebra I 2nd Chandler Gabie Szukala
Algebra I 3rd Seminole SARA LOUIE
Algebra I 4th Meeker Beth Hoover
Algebra I 5th Meeker Ashley Evans
Algebra II 1st McLoud Samantha Garrison
Algebra II 2nd Meeker Anna Jones
Algebra II 3rd Henryetta Jordan Lewis
Algebra II 4th McLoud Aaron Quirk
Algebra II 5th Chandler Sarah Byrd
American Lit 1st Holdenville Rebekah Russell
American Lit 2nd Chandler Evan Fields
American Lit 3rd Prague Alexis White 
American Lit 4th McLoud Meghann Boehm
American Lit 5th Meeker Callie Kirk
Biology 1st Meeker Johnathan Loy
Biology 2nd Chandler Andrea Gimondo
Biology 3rd Seminole BRANDON  MILLS
Biology 4th Tecumseh Danni Ozment
Biology 5th Seminole GAGE JOHNSON
Bookkeeping 1st Byng Flor Martinez
Bookkeeping 2nd Holdenville Irene Wong
Bookkeeping 3rd Holdenville Morgan Gosey
Bookkeeping 4th Holdenville Jammie  Blackshear
Bookkeeping 5th Tecumseh JoAnn  Wymer
Business 1st Holdenville Elizabeth Hightower
Business 2nd Seminole TAYLOR  COX
Business 3rd Tecumseh JoAnn  Wymer
Business 4th Byng Flor Martinez
Business 5th Holdenville Landon  Stallings
Chemistry 1st Shawnee Alexis Chen
Chemistry 2nd Chandler Alison Lane
Chemistry 3rd Seminole BRENT  BIDDY
Chemistry 4th Seminole KODY  KERLEY
Chemistry 5th Tecumseh Zac Taylor
Civis 1st Holdenville David Clark
Civis 2nd Byng Buck Roberson
Civis 3rd Seminole GARISON  CARROLL
Civis 4th Chandler Mason Mangion
Civis 5th Tecumseh Micha Laughlin
Computer Science 1st McLoud Patrick  Boyle
Computer Science 2nd Prague Jeff Murphey
Computer Science 3rd Byng Ryan Hudson
Computer Science 4th Byng Jake  Fortner
Computer Science 5th Henryetta Charles Nordmann
English Lit. 1st Byng Buck Roberson
English Lit. 2nd Holdenville Montana  Maylen
English Lit. 3rd Holdenville Susan Wong
English Lit. 4th Seminole KENDALL  MILLS
English Lit. 5th Chandler Alison Lane
Geography 1st Holdenville David Clark
Geography 2nd Seminole DILLON SMITH
Geography 3rd Byng John  Weber
Geography 4th Henryetta Alexis Fitzpatrick
Geography 5th Byng Malachi Brown
Geometry 1st Byng Paige Sanders
Geometry 2nd Byng Daniel  McLain
Geometry 3rd Seminole BRANDON  MILLS
Geometry 4th Holdenville Samantha Fox
Geometry 5th Holdenville Breanna Yarbrough
Grammar 1st Henryetta Lori Prahl
Grammar 2nd Seminole KATIE  COLCLAZIER
Grammar 3rd Shawnee Stephanie Currie
Grammar 4th Chandler Cailey Christy
Grammar 5th McLoud Jerry Harvey
Health-Wellness 1st Byng Sarah Harris 
Health-Wellness 2nd Holdenville Samantha Fox
Health-Wellness 3rd Byng Chase Sorrels
Health-Wellness 4th Shawnee Chris  Davis
Health-Wellness 5th Byng DeeAndra Robertson
Journalism 1st Chandler Jerri Glover
Journalism 2nd Chandler Erin Miears
Journalism 3rd Byng Katelyn Holmes
Journalism 4th Holdenville Montana  Maylen
Journalism 5th Byng Trevor  Sutton
Okla. History 1st McLoud Meagan Longenbaugh
Okla. History 2nd Chandler Taylor Seyler
Okla. History 3rd Byng Devyn  Harrison
Okla. History 4th Holdenville Catlin Gardner
Okla. History 5th McLoud Josh Todd
Physical Science 1st Chandler Mason Mangion
Physical Science 2nd Byng Daniel  McLain
Physical Science 3rd Holdenville Patrick Pingleton
Physical Science 4th Shawnee Anthony Davis
Physical Science 5th Holdenville Miriam Ingham
Physics 1st Tecumseh Jacob  Agville
Physics 2nd Seminole KENDALL  MILLS
Physics 3rd Prague Josh Martin
Physics 4th Byng Ashley Stick
Physics 5th McLoud Lane Todd
Psychology 1st Tecumseh Jessica Oneal
Psychology 2nd Shawnee Chris  Davis
Psychology 3rd Seminole AMANDA  VASQUEZ
Psychology 4th Byng DeeAndra Robertson
Psychology 5th Shawnee Sabrina Talton
Reading 1st McLoud Johnie  Hill
Reading 2nd Chandler Mylinda Neace
Reading 3rd Byng Tyler Stutte
Reading 4th Holdenville Katie Robinson
Reading 5th Holdenville Susan Wong
Spanish I 1st Byng Nicole  Truett
Spanish I 2nd Tecumseh Tanner  Bradly
Spanish I 3rd Holdenville Dylan  Glasgo
Spanish I 4th Shawnee Chayla Turner
Spanish I 5th Holdenville Abby  Borders
Spanish II 1st Chandler Andrea Gimondo
Spanish II 2nd Shawnee Sarah Trammel
Spanish II 3rd Chandler Mason Taylor
Spanish II 4th Seminole RACHEL  CHEVES
Spanish II 5th Holdenville Gus Lankford
US History 1st Tecumseh Logan Wilsie
US History 2nd Shawnee Chris  Davis
US History 3rd Seminole KODY  KERLEY
US History 4th Tecumseh Jacob  Agville
US History 5th Tecumseh Kaysi West
Vocabulary 1st Byng Buck Roberson
Vocabulary 2nd McLoud Johnie  Hill
Vocabulary 3rd Seminole BRENT  STONE
Vocabulary 4th Shawnee Destiny Crowley
Vocabulary 5th Chandler Austin Gimondo
World History 1st Byng Malachi Brown
World History 2nd McLoud Patrick  Boyle
World History 3rd Seminole BRENT  BIDDY
World History 4th Byng John  Weber
World History 5th Byng Dakota Roberson



2010 Division 2


Test Place School First Name Last Name
Algebra I 1st Allen Josh Remis
Algebra I 2nd Davenport Victoria Stambaugh
Algebra I 3rd Davenport Hunter Lyon
Algebra I 4th Preston Jesse Bear
Algebra I 5th Varnum Heather Satawake
Algebra II 1st Wanette Harry Shen
Algebra II 2nd Wanette Bo  Starks
Algebra II 3rd Macomb John  Wilson
Algebra II 4th Konawa Heston Hawkins
Algebra II 5th Preston Tre' McPherson
American Lit 1st New Lima Teresa  Vu
American Lit 2nd New Lima Stephen Neill
American Lit 3rd Konawa Kellie  Snow
American Lit 4th Preston Jesse  Courtney
American Lit 5th Mason Megan Goff
Biology 1st Preston Josh Gillin
Biology 2nd Weleetka Dakota  Gormly
Biology 3rd Preston Troy Kimbley
Biology 4th Davenport Keegan Coon
Biology 5th Weleetka Logan Weeks
Bookkeeping 1st New Lima Adrien Mathieu
Bookkeeping 2nd Preston Blake Nuckolls
Bookkeeping 3rd Moss Dylan McNaughten
Bookkeeping 4th Preston Aaron Waller
Bookkeeping 5th Allen Hazen Adsit
Business 1st Allen Hazen Adsit
Business 2nd Mason Serena  Rich
Business 3rd Strother Courtney Ackerman
Business 4th Mason Andrew  Brady
Business 5th Asher Summer Wauahdooah
Business 5th Preston Stephanie Baldwin
Chemistry 1st Weleetka Jerry Wallace
Chemistry 2nd Earlsboro Cheyenne Myers
Chemistry 3rd New Lima Adrien Mathieu
Chemistry 4th Preston Josh Gillin
Chemistry 5th Earlsboro Dakota Harjo
Civis 1st Wanette Jeremiah Bullock
Civis 2nd Butner Rendi Hudson
Civis 3rd New Lima Haley Day
Civis 4th Weleetka Jake Dye
Civis 5th Varnum Heather Adcock
Computer Science 1st Liberty Academy Joan Hertz
Computer Science 2nd Konawa Melissa Williams
Computer Science 3rd Asher Michael Linn
Computer Science 4th Asher Phillip Lamirand
Computer Science 5th New Lima Adam  Farani
English Lit. 1st Liberty Academy DeAnna Baker
English Lit. 2nd Preston Josh Gillin
English Lit. 3rd Preston Connie Sparks
English Lit. 4th Strother Ariannah Factor
English Lit. 5th Wetumka Bobby Bitner
Geography 1st Liberty Academy Isaac Gray
Geography 2nd Paden Alex Cartis
Geography 3rd Liberty Academy Mark Diehl
Geography 4th Preston Matt Lewis
Geography 5th Konawa Jacob Garner
Geometry 1st New Lima Nora  Carubelli
Geometry 2nd Wetumka Stormy Bain
Geometry 3rd Preston Tre' McPherson
Geometry 4th New Lima Adrien Mathieu
Geometry 5th Varnum Hailey Harjo
Grammar 1st New Lima Teresa  Vu
Grammar 2nd Preston Tre' McPherson
Grammar 3rd Wewoka HOLLY  BARNHART
Grammar 4th Mason Megan Goff
Grammar 5th Konawa Melissa Williams
Health-Wellness 1st Konawa Jordon  Garner
Health-Wellness 2nd Liberty Academy Abigail Burkhead
Health-Wellness 3rd Liberty Academy Blair Johnson
Health-Wellness 4th Weleetka Cody Parrick
Health-Wellness 5th Asher Matthew Johnson
Journalism 1st Strother Courtney Ackerman
Journalism 2nd Liberty Academy Jeff Newton
Journalism 3rd Liberty Academy Tanner Fowler
Journalism 4th Liberty Academy Stephanie Sala
Journalism 5th Preston Stephanie Baldwin
Okla. History 1st Varnum Hailey Harjo
Okla. History 2nd Varnum Heather Satawake
Okla. History 3rd Varnum David Geitz
Okla. History 4th Preston Aimee Orsburn
Okla. History 5th Bowlegs Amy Cathey
Physical Science 1st Davenport Keegan Coon
Physical Science 2nd New Lima Blake Glenn
Physical Science 3rd Weleetka Russell Brosam
Physical Science 4th Earlsboro Trevor King
Physical Science 5th Paden Tyler Bailey
Physics 1st Liberty Academy Matt Diehl
Physics 2nd Preston Josh Gillin
Physics 3rd Preston Tyler Powell
Physics 4th New Lima Lynnette Gomez
Physics 5th Davenport Kaci Jarvis
Psychology 1st New Lima Haley Day
Psychology 2nd Maud Sarah  Adams
Psychology 3rd Weleetka M.J. El-Far
Psychology 4th Weleetka Jerry Wallace
Psychology 5th New Lima Jessica Turpin
Reading 1st Bowlegs Tom Buckman
Reading 2nd Konawa Kellie  Snow
Reading 3rd Liberty Academy DeAnna Baker
Reading 4th Earlsboro Cheyenne Myers
Reading 5th Preston Jesse  Courtney
Spanish I 1st Strother Svenja Zimmermann
Spanish I 2nd Strother Tiffany Mehagan
Spanish I 3rd Konawa Amber Bounds
Spanish I 4th New Lima Tuana  Carter
Spanish I 5th New Lima Shelbi Barkhimer
Spanish II 1st Wewoka BRIANDA RUIZ
Spanish II 2nd Preston Julio Rebollar
Spanish II 3rd Strother Nichole Childress
Spanish II 4th Davenport Madison Plunkett
Spanish II 5th Preston Tiffanie Hamon
US History 1st Macomb Chris Lloyd
US History 2nd Paden Gregory Orr
US History 3rd Konawa Tre Wilkins
US History 4th Davenport Myles Melson
US History 5th New Lima Stephen Neill
Vocabulary 1st Wetumka Andrew Reeves
Vocabulary 2nd New Lima Jessica Richardson
Vocabulary 3rd Weleetka Logan Weeks
Vocabulary 4th Macomb Chris Lloyd
Vocabulary 5th Liberty Academy Chelsea Fry
World History 1st New Lima Teresa  Vu
World History 2nd Varnum Tanner Sturgeon
World History 3rd Preston Samantha Gray
World History 4th Konawa Jacob Garner
World History 5th Liberty Academy Cali VanAntwerp



2010 Art and Photography Awards


Division 1

Art Awards


Black & White Media
1st   Amy Higdon          Tecumseh
2nd  Matt Villines          Seminole
3rd  Arica Sainden         Prague


Colored Media
1st    Amy Higdon         Tecumseh 
2nd   Jacob Myers         Prague 
3rd   Shelby Anderson   Prague



Mixed Media
1st    Madeline Hecker   Prague 
2nd   Julius Loewe          Prague
3rd   Kacee Vaughn       Prague


1st    Jacob Myers        Prague 
2nd   Ty Butler              Prague 
3rd  Shelby Anderson   Prague


Best of Show -Painting
Valen Richardson         Tecumseh


Best of Show-Drawing  #1

Valen Richardson         Tecumseh


Best of Show-Drawing  #2

Laura Bentley              Tecumseh


Division 2

Art Awards


Black & White or Colored Media
1st   Stormie Kahbeah   Preston
2nd  Krysten Robinson  Wewoka
3rd  Stormie Kahbeah    Preston



1st   Sarah Smith             Maud
2nd  Nicholas Wolf         Strother
3rd  Sarah Brook Smith  Strother


1st  Cheyenne Myers  Earlsboro
2nd  Jake Cooper       Earlsboro
3rd  Greg Rucker        Maud



Best of Show -Sculpture
Amber DuBoise          Earlsboro


2nd Best of Show-Drawing

Amber DuBoise          Earlsboro


3rd Best of Show-Sculpture

Chance French           Earlsboro

Open Show


Black & White Film
1st Samantha Blanks  Macomb
2nd Alex Beloncik      Chandler
3rd  Christina Curto    Chandler



Colored Film
1st   Jenna Hatler        Macomb
2nd  Kyli Jarvis          Davenport
3rd  Ashley Donnely   Macomb



Best of  Show Photography
Courtney Cummings of Chandler


Honorable Mention
Katelyn Beasler of Chandler