Results are separated by Division I or II  and then organized by Test then sorted by placement (1st place, 2nd place, etc.). 

In each division the school that accumulates the most points is awarded a sweepstakes trophy.  Points are awarded by placing in a test. 1st place=5 points, 2nd place=4 points, 3rd place=3 points, 4th place=2 points, 5th place=1 point.


Byng won the Division I sweepstakes award, and New Lima took the Division II award.


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Past Interscholastic Meet Test Results


2008 Test Results  |  2007 Test Results  |  2006 Test Results



2009 Division 1


Test Place School First Name Last Name
Algebra I 1 Byng Daniel  McClain
Algebra I 2 Byng Paige  Sanders
Algebra I 3 Chandler Michael Gough
Algebra I 4 Meeker Matthew Guy
Algebra I 5 Prague Kyle  Williams
Geometry 1 Byng Malachi Brown
Geometry 2 Chandler Evan Fields
Geometry 3 Meeker Austin Clanton
Geometry 4 Seminole Clayton Yancey
Geometry 5 Seminole Garrett  Clak
World History 1 Byng Buck Roberson
World History 2 Seminole Nick  Armor
World History 3 Meeker David Smith
World History 4 Seminole Alyson  Parson
World History 5 McLoud Miles Bacon
Spanish I 1 McLoud Sara  Seibert
Spanish I 2 Holdenville Gus  Lankford
Spanish I 3 Chandler Trey Kennedy
Spanish I 4 Seminole Dillon Smith
Spanish I 5 Holdenville Kolby  Giles
Vocabulary 1 Meeker Ryan Heath
Vocabulary 2 McLoud Johnie Hill
Vocabulary 3 McLoud Justine Kirby
Vocabulary 4 Chandler Abbi Key
Vocabulary 5 Holdenville Ben Lindsey
Physics 1 OSSM Matt Diehl
Physics 2 OSSM Kendall Mills
Physics 3 OSSM Juston McKinnon
Physics 4 Byng Dylan Hendricks
Physics 5 Byng Tyler Hatton
Oklahoma History 1 Holdenville Samantha Fox
Oklahoma History 2 McLoud Patrick Boyle
Oklahoma History 3 Prague Alexis White
Oklahoma History 4 Seminole Tyler  Craig
Oklahoma History 5 Seminole Abby  Hooten
Grammar 1 Seminole Kendall Mills
Grammar 2 Chandler Alison Lane
Grammar 3 Prague John Newman
Grammar 4 Atoka Becca Timmons
Grammar 5 Seminole Jessica  Downey
English Literature 1 Byng Kelsey O'Grady
English Literature 2 Atoka Michelle Smith
English Literature 3 Prague Sara Christoff
English Literature 4 McLoud Sarah Rushing
English Literature 5 Chandler Cassie Clark
Physical Science 1 Prague Jeffery Murphey
Physical Science 2 Byng Malachi Brown
Physical Science 3 Holdenville Gus  Lankford
Physical Science 4 Chandler David Burgess
Physical Science 5 Chandler Evan Fields
Psychology 1 Chandler Laura Robertson
Psychology 2 Byng Michelle Hulsman
Psychology 3 Seminole Chantil Chaffin
Psychology 4 Chandler Paig Stegmann
Psychology 5 Seminole Tricia Potter
General Business 1 Byng Justin Shannon
General Business 2 Atoka Luke Graves
General Business 3 Byng Rasheed Lowery
General Business 4 Atoka Nick Nottingham
General Business 5 Prague Josh Wiles
Chemistry 1 Chandler Maria Falcao
Chemistry 2 Meeker Travis Miller
Chemistry 3 Chandler Alison Lane
Chemistry 4 Byng Tyler Stutte
Chemistry 5 McLoud Blake Worlund
Civics 1 Atoka Luke Graves
Civics 2 McLoud Caitlin Colvert
Civics 3 Prague Garrett Bradley
Civics 4 Seminole Lexi  Ashcraft
Civics 5 Meeker David Smith
Health-Wellness 1 Byng Kelsey O'Grady
Health-Wellness 2 Seminole Casady Ashcraft
Health-Wellness 3 Byng Jenna Cooper
Health-Wellness 4 Seminole Tiffany Lemmings
Health-Wellness 5 Holdenville Jose Velazquez
American Literature 1 Byng Buck Roberson
American Literature 2 Meeker Ryan Heath
American Literature 3 Holdenville Madison  Fitzgerald
American Literature 4 McLoud Johnie Hill
American Literature 5 Chandler Lauren Sickels
Computer Science 1 Byng Jake  Fortner
Computer Science 2 Atoka Nick Nottingham
Computer Science 3 Seminole William  Driver
Computer Science 4 Byng Ashley Stick
Computer Science 5 Holdenville Kasey Meek
Spanish II 1 Holdenville Savannah  Spain
Spanish II 2 Byng Katelyn Jones
Spanish II 3 Chandler Bryndon York
Spanish II 4 Holdenville Bethany  Wardlow
Spanish II 5 Seminole Clayton Yancey
Algebra II 1 McLoud Alicia  Fisher
Algebra II 2 Seminole Matt Villines
Algebra II 3 Holdenville Jose Velazquez
Algebra II 4 Byng Mary Beth Cox
Algebra II 5 Holdenville Breanna Yarbrough
US History 1 Holdenville David Clark
US History 2 Seminole Kendall Mills
US History 3 McLoud Jerry Harvey
US History 4 Prague Brittany Schooling
US History 5 Meeker Henry Pendley
Journalism 1 Prague Sara Christoff
Journalism 2 Chandler Jerri Glover
Journalism 3 Holdenville Chelsea  Pangle
Journalism 4 Chandler Laura Robertson
Journalism 5 Chandler Erin Miears
Biology 1 McLoud Patrick Boyle
Biology 2 Seminole Brent Biddy
Biology 3 McLoud Richard Carroll
Biology 4 McLoud Joshua Mouser
Biology 5 Meeker Anna Jones
Bookkeeping 1 Byng Rasheed Lowery
Bookkeeping 2 Byng Daniel  Rowe
Bookkeeping 3 Byng Justin Shannon
Bookkeeping 4 Holdenville Megan Garvin
Bookkeeping 5 Holdenville Emily Steffens
Geography 1 Byng Dylan Hendricks
Geography 2 Chandler Andrea Gimondo
Geography 3 Byng Tyler Hatton
Geography 4 Chandler Sarah Byrd
Geography 5 Seminole Collin  Ducharm
Reading 1 Seminole Alyson  Parson
Reading 2 Byng Kelsey O'Grady
Reading 3 McLoud Justine Kirby
Reading 4 Chandler Holly Howard
Reading 5 Byng Danni Fillingim



2009 Division 2


Test Place School First Name Last Name
Algebra I 1 Wewoka SHIN LEE
Algebra I 2 Allen Grant Rowsey
Algebra I 3 Dale Corey Hembree
Algebra I 4 Wewoka MOLLY MADDOX
Algebra I 5 Liberty Academy Mark Diehl
Geometry 1 Dale Jeff Stith
Geometry 2 Wellston Ben Eckert
Geometry 3 Dale Katherine Weatherby
Geometry 4 Paden Milica Aleksic
Geometry 5 Macomb Chris  Llyod
World History 1 Dale Sammi Hembree
World History 2 Dale Linlee Blevins
World History 3 Bowlegs Frank Gore
World History 4 Davenport Steele Wall
World History 5 Davenport Michael Miller
Spanish I 1 Davenport Nicolas Hinterhesch
Spanish I 2 Strother Nichole Childress
Spanish I 3 Dale Katie Keefover
Spanish I 4 Wewoka TORI MASSEY
Spanish I 5 Wewoka SARAH DRIVER
Vocabulary 1 Calvin Neal Hassler
Vocabulary 2 Wanette Jeremiah Bullock
Vocabulary 3 Liberty Academy Miranda VanMeter
Vocabulary 4 Dale Cole Dickinson
Vocabulary 5 Wetumka Kaylin Cullum
Physics 1 New Lima Fay Wang
Physics 2 New Lima Seth Barkhimer
Physics 3 Wellston Jennifer  Hammersberg
Physics 4 Wellston Andrea Maschman
Physics 5 Wellston Ariel Hamel
Oklahoma History 1 Varnum Paul Morrell
Oklahoma History 2 Macomb Jenna Hatler
Oklahoma History 3 Wellston Andrea Maschman
Oklahoma History 4 Varnum Melissa McCutcheon
Oklahoma History 5 Dale Michelle Holman
Grammar 1 New Lima Sarah Wilson
Grammar 2 Mason Chelsea Boyd
Grammar 3 Davenport Haley Sheets
Grammar 4 Strother Courtney Ackerman
Grammar 5 Dale Dare Obasade
English Literature 1 Wellston Blake Strider
English Literature 2 Earlsboro Josh Dyer
English Literature 3 Macomb Amanda Browning
English Literature 4 Allen David Manuel
English Literature 5 Liberty Academy Rebekah Byland
Physical Science 1 Wetumka Wyatt Caldwell
Physical Science 2 Mason Shane Looker
Physical Science 3 Earlsboro Cheyenne Myers
Physical Science 4 Bowlegs Adriana Worley
Physical Science 5 Wetumka Jonathan Roberts
Psychology 1 New Lima Kelci Quisenberry
Psychology 2 Maud Brad Jackson
Psychology 3 New Lima Kelly Jones
Psychology 4 New Lima Lynnette Gomez
Psychology 5 Weleetka Chelsea Gordon
General Business 1 Weleetka Wesley Williams
General Business 2 New Lima Jessica  Richardson
General Business 3 Konawa Melissa  Williams
General Business 4 New Lima Alyssa Carson
General Business 5 Allen Hazen Adsit
Chemistry 1 Wewoka LUKAS JUENGER
Chemistry 2 Paden Milica Aleksic
Chemistry 3 Wewoka CODY COATS
Chemistry 4 Earlsboro Kolin Jones
Chemistry 5 Wewoka CAGAN RICHARDSON
Civics 1 Dale Cole Dickinson
Civics 2 Allen Josh McNeely
Civics 3 Dale Brette Throckmorton
Civics 4 Maud Jerry Nickell
Civics 5 New Lima Teresa Vu
Health-Wellness 1 Weleetka Roderick Ward
Health-Wellness 2 Allen Hazen Adsit
Health-Wellness 3 Weleetka Ty   Murphy
Health-Wellness 4 Konawa Jodi Sipes
Health-Wellness 5 Bowlegs London Waller
American Literature 1 Bowlegs Kristen Alldredge
American Literature 2 Bowlegs Kendra Batesel
American Literature 3 Strother Courtney Ackerman
American Literature 4 Dale Kailee  West
American Literature 5 Calvin Heather Jones
Computer Science 1 Moss Brenna Robinson
Computer Science 2 Macomb Justin Coughran
Computer Science 3 Butner Kari  Blackwell
Computer Science 4 Liberty Academy Taylor O'Bannon
Computer Science 5 Wewoka COLT GREEN
Spanish II 1 Calvin Blake Miller
Spanish II 2 Dale Chance Scarborough
Spanish II 3 Wewoka CIERRA  SWECKER
Spanish II 4 Dale Amanda Harrel
Spanish II 5 Butner Jessica Lewis
Algebra II 1 New Lima Teresa Vu
Algebra II 2 Liberty Academy Charity Fowler
Algebra II 3 Maud Brad Jackson
Algebra II 4 Butner Paige  Hannabass
Algebra II 5 Wellston Brittany Myers
US History 1 Davenport Keegan  Coon
US History 2 Liberty Academy DeAnna Baker
US History 3 Wewoka CODY COATS
US History 4 Varnum Chris Daniels
US History 5 Macomb Andrew  Weiss
Journalism 1 Allen Eric Sanchez
Journalism 2 Wellston Andrea Maschman
Journalism 3 Wellston Hannah Space
Journalism 4 Liberty Academy Eliya Ponder
Journalism 5 Konawa Heather Sharber
Biology 1 Mason Landon Humble
Biology 2 Wellston Sarah Koenig
Biology 3 Liberty Academy Alexis Warner
Biology 4 Wellston Quentin McGuire
Biology 5 Weleetka Trent  Cooper
Bookkeeping 1 Earlsboro Jessica Bramhall
Bookkeeping 2 New Lima Ashley Vierra
Bookkeeping 3 New Lima Amy  Hailey
Bookkeeping 4 Wetumka Ashlee Proctor
Bookkeeping 5 New Lima Gabby Conatser
Geography 1 Liberty Academy Tanner Kelly
Geography 2 Maud Marco Damghani
Geography 3 Konawa Patrick  McGirt
Geography 4 Varnum Caitlin Gibson
Geography 5 Calvin Emily Abney
Reading 1 Konawa Kellie Snow
Reading 2 New Lima Sarah Wilson
Reading 3 Wellston Vanessa Spaeth
Reading 4 Dale Sammi Hembree
Reading 5 Macomb Amanda Browning



2009 Art and Photography Awards



Division 1

Art Awards


Drawing-   Black & White Media
1st   Chase Crowder   Prague
2nd  Laura Bentley     Tecumseh
3rd   Taja Jackson      Meeker


Drawing-Colored Media
1st   Jamie Turner          Seminole
2nd  Valen Richardson  Tecumseh
3rd  Sarah Snyder         Prague



1st    Paige Stegman  Chandler
2nd   Rebecca Kelly  Tecumseh


1st   Rachael Allen      Seminole
2nd  Jonathan Burns   Tecumseh
3rd   Parlin Nolen       Meeker

Division 2

Art Awards


Black & White or Colored Media
1st   Sarah Smith        Maud
2nd  Tasha Ferguson  Wellston
3rd  Vanesha Perry    Wetumka



1st   Amber Duboise  Earlsboro
2nd  Cody Smith       Macomb
3rd   Tiffany Sandfur Earlsboro


1st   Justina Hawkins    Earlsboro
2nd  James Waller        Earlsboro
3rd  Amber Duboise     Earlsboro



Best of Show -Painting
Kaitlyn Gregg               Meeker


Best of Show-Sculpture

Caitlin Coates               Seminole


Best of Show-Drawing

Valen Richardson         Tecumseh


Open Show


Black & White Film
1st   Kyli Jarvis   Davenport
2nd  Kyli Jarvis   Davenport
3rd  Rebeka Byland
                        Liberty Academy



Colored Film
1st  Rebeka Byland
                        Liberty Academy 2nd  Eliya Ponder
                        Liberty Academy
3rd Katie Colclazier  Seminole



Best of  Show Photography
Kyli Jarvis