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Interscholastic Meet 2008


Results are separated by Division I or II  and then organized by Test then sorted by placement (1st place, 2nd place, etc.). 

In each division the school that accumulates the most points is awarded a sweepstakes trophy.  Points are awarded by placing in a test. 1st place=5 points, 2nd place=4 points, 3rd place=3 points, 4th place=2 points, 5th place=1 point.


Byng won the Division I sweepstakes award, and New Lima took the Division II award.

In addition to the winners, students from Paden School tied in the following tests:
Geography: Case Verberg, 1st, Michael Logan 2nd;  Biology: Melissa Galloway, 5th; Spanish I: Dillon Trevizo, 5th; Spanish II: Jessica Whitmire, 4th.

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Year 2008 - Division 1

Test Place School First Name Last Name
Algebra I 1 McLoud Rak Mongkhonjin
Algebra I 2 Byng Cheyenne  Counts
Algebra I 3 Seminole Megan Marshall
Algebra I 4 Chandler Matthew Slayton
Algebra I 5 McLoud Taylor Reber
Algebra II 1 Byng Buck Roberson
Algebra II 2 Shawnee Jennifer Jett
Algebra II 3 Holdenville Jina Park
Algebra II 4 Seminole Carlye Tatum
Algebra II 5 Byng Trevor Sutton
American Literature 1 Seminole Alyson Parsons
American Literature 2 Seminole Megan VanEaton
American Literature 3 Shawnee Breana Graham
American Literature 4 McLoud Justine  Kirby
American Literature 5 Holdenville Ashlyn Stallings
Biology 1 McLoud Lane Todd
Biology 2 Seminole PK Schelb
Biology 3 Seminole Jessica Downey
Biology 4 Seminole Casady Fletcher
Biology 5 Shawnee Raye Reeder
Bookkeeping 1 Byng Samantha Pierce
Bookkeeping 2 Byng Dylan Hendricks
Bookkeeping 3 Seminole Ryan Womack
Bookkeeping 4 Seminole Chelsea Watters
Bookkeeping 5 Holdenville Ashlyn Stallings
Chemistry 1 Holdenville Tyler Merriman
Chemistry 2 Holdenville Carlea Taylor
Chemistry 3 Seminole Melany Miller
Chemistry 4 Seminole PK Schelb
Chemistry 5 Byng Fah Khampatee
Civics 1 Shawnee Heather Swadley
Civics 2 Seminole Kaleb Gordon
Civics 3 Tecumseh Mandi Hatcher
Civics 4 Byng Colton Engel
Civics 5 Chandler Lauren Sickles
Computer Science 1 Shawnee Robbie Barthel
Computer Science 2 Shawnee Robert Price
Computer Science 3 Byng Jake Fortner
Computer Science 4 Byng Tyler Stutte
Computer Science 5 Byng Michael Moore
English Literature 1 Tecumseh Rachel Raney
English Literature 2 Holdenville Tyler Merriman
English Literature 3 Holdenville Ellen Richard
English Literature 4 Byng Heath Holt
English Literature 5 Shawnee Monica Valois
General Business 1 Byng Dylan Hendricks
General Business 2 Byng Shelby  Grove
General Business 3 Byng Natalie Richards
General Business 4 Seminole Paige Griffin
General Business 5 Chandler Sarah Huckaby
Geography 1 Byng Justin Truett
Geography 2 Holdenville Megan Garvin
Geography 3 Chandler Austin Gimondo
Geography 4 Chandler Ty  Errico
Geography 5 Seminole Dakota Anderson
Geometry 1 Byng Fah Khampatee
Geometry 2 Holdenville Ashlee Madron
Geometry 3 Holdenville Susan  Wong
Geometry 4 Holdenville Linh Dam
Geometry 5 Seminole Churchill Froelich
Grammar 1 Shawnee Kelsey  VanHorn
Grammar 2 Chandler Alison Lane
Grammar 3 Byng Kelsey O'Grady
Grammar 4 Byng Dustin Wallis
Grammar 5 Shawnee Breana Graham
Health-Wellness 1 Byng Lisa Carder
Health-Wellness 2 Chandler Rosa Everman
Health-Wellness 3 Seminole Shelbi Berry
Health-Wellness 4 Seminole Brandi Shields
Health-Wellness 5 Seminole Casady Ashcraft
Journalism 1 Holdenville Sonja Cardoza
Journalism 2 Holdenville Afton  Leewright
Journalism 3 Chandler Shelby Sayre
Journalism 4 McLoud Kris Johnson
Journalism 5 Holdenville Shandra Massad
Keyboarding I 1 Seminole Leah Lucas
Keyboarding I 1 Meeker Tess Elledge
Keyboarding I 2 Chandler Alison Lane
Keyboarding I 2 Byng Kim Hood
Keyboarding I 3 Seminole Chris Godeaux
Keyboarding II 1 Meeker Samuel Hall
Keyboarding II 2 Byng Amy Huddleston
Keyboarding II 3 Byng Nacole Turner
Oklahoma History 1 Chandler Lakely Smith
Oklahoma History 2 Byng Cheyenne  Counts
Oklahoma History 3 Shawnee Chris Davis
Oklahoma History 4 Tecumseh Tori Horn
Oklahoma History 5 McLoud Kelsey McCowan
Physical Science 1 Meeker David Smith
Physical Science 2 Holdenville Nicole Adcock
Physical Science 3 Tecumseh Jacob  Lively
Physical Science 4 Shawnee Sarah Cullison
Physical Science 5 Chandler Jeffrey Terrell
Physics 1 Shawnee Jordan  Robinson
Physics 2 Seminole PK Schelb
Physics 3 Byng Buck Roberson
Physics 4 Seminole Kaleb Gordon
Physics 5 Holdenville Carlea Taylor
Psychology 1 McLoud Haley Hughes
Psychology 2 McLoud Justine  Kirby
Psychology 3 Chandler Lacey Clarkson
Psychology 4 Byng Josh Vires
Psychology 5 Byng DJ Bryant
Reading 1 Chandler Abbi Key
Reading 2 Seminole Kaleb Gordon
Reading 3 McLoud Johnny Hill
Reading 4 Byng Danni Fillingim
Reading 5 Seminole Clarissa Goodnight
Spanish I 1 Seminole Josh Toney
Spanish I 2 Shawnee Tia Truelove
Spanish I 3 Byng Katelyn Jones
Spanish I 4 Byng Dayton Hendricks
Spanish I 5 Seminole Zach Toney
Spanish II 1 Chandler Aracelli Martinez
Spanish II 2 Seminole Kendall Mills
Spanish II 3 Tecumseh Chester  Hendershot
Spanish II 4 McLoud Chris Rupp
Spanish II 5 Seminole Brad Stone
U.S. History 1 Shawnee Heather Swadley
U.S. History 2 Byng Cameron Cowger
U.S. History 3 McLoud Justine  Kirby
U.S. History 4 Holdenville Susan  Wong
U.S. History 5 Chandler Stacy Lamb
Vocabulary 1 Meeker Ryan Heath
Vocabulary 2 Shawnee Kelsey  VanHorn
Vocabulary 3 Shawnee Monica Valois
Vocabulary 4 Shawnee Myranda Heilaman
Vocabulary 5 McLoud Johnny Hill
World History 1 Seminole Clarissa Goodnight
World History 2 Tecumseh Eric McGirt
World History 3 Shawnee Chris Davis
World History 4 McLoud Haley Hughes
World History 5 Meeker Sonja Unsell


Year 2008 - Division 2

Test Place School First Name Last Name
Algebra I 1 Liberty Academy Taylor Diaz
Algebra I 2 Davenport Keegan Coon
Algebra I 3 Liberty Academy Jeremiah Lockhart
Algebra I 4 Davenport Hayley Perry
Algebra I 5 New Lima Sam Green
Algebra II 1 Dale Lucas Battershell
Algebra II 2 Dale Brette Throckmorton
Algebra II 3 New Lima Ryan Cloud
Algebra II 4 Stroud Andrew Miller
Algebra II 5 New Lima Kelly Jones
American Literature 1 Dale Mary Rose Marshall
American Literature 2 Maud Brad Jackson
American Literature 3 Bowlegs Tiffany Carr
American Literature 4 Bowlegs Kristen Alldredge
American Literature 5 Strother Lacey Goodson
Biology 1 Stroud Hayden Haines
Biology 2 Liberty Academy Matt Diehl
Biology 3 Dale Cole Dickinson
Biology 4 Konawa Kellie Snow
Biology 5 Strother Courtney Ackerman
Bookkeeping 1 Strother Ashley Neal
Bookkeeping 2 Wetumka Cody  Caldwell
Bookkeeping 3 Earlsboro Jessica Bramhall
Bookkeeping 4 Maud Ethan Stinnett
Bookkeeping 5 Maud Tanner Silas
Chemistry 1 Stroud Lacy Newman
Chemistry 2 Wewoka Cody Coats
Chemistry 3 Strother Tyler Porter
Chemistry 4 Strother Kirsten Neal
Chemistry 5 Konawa Reece Melton
Civics 1 Liberty Academy Alexis Warner
Civics 2 Dale Kendra Steward
Civics 3 Dale Katherine Weatherby
Civics 4 Butner Derrek Mitchell
Civics 5 Varnum Greg  Votaw
Computer Science 1 New Lima Oliver Morgan
Computer Science 2 Maud Caleb Parris
Computer Science 3 Stroud Amber McKnight
Computer Science 4 Wewoka Tanner Powell
Computer Science 5 Wanette James Buxton
English Literature 1 Stroud Kyle Miller
English Literature 2 Liberty Academy Josiah Haught
English Literature 3 Strother Kendell Kincade
English Literature 4 Maud Randy Loman
English Literature 5 New Lima Emily Owens
General Business 1 Earlsboro Jessica Bramhall
General Business 2 Strother Ashley Neal
General Business 3 Dale Rebecah Holman
General Business 4 Stroud Michael Benz
General Business 5 Bowlegs Bill Hobia
Geography 1 New Lima Teresa  Vu
Geography 2 Calvin Homer Madden
Geography 3 Liberty Academy Charity Fowler
Geography 4 Macomb JAMES  TURNEY
Geography 5 Macomb JUSTIN COUGHRAN
Geometry 1 Butner Sharolyn Simpson
Geometry 2 Varnum Greg  Whitlock
Geometry 3 New Lima Ashley Vierra
Geometry 4 New Lima Seth  Barkhimer
Geometry 5 Varnum Tanner Sturgeon
Grammar 1 New Lima Ashley Vierra
Grammar 2 New Lima Sarah  Wilson
Grammar 3 Macomb AMANDA  BROWNING
Grammar 4 Dale Peyton Wetzel
Grammar 5 Liberty Academy Matt Diehl
Health-Wellness 1 Strother Brittany Sealey
Health-Wellness 2 Stroud Blake Bridgeman
Health-Wellness 3 Liberty Academy Josiah Haught
Health-Wellness 4 Liberty Academy Cole Minnich
Health-Wellness 5 Liberty Academy Josh Cain
Journalism 1 New Lima Jonathan Valdez
Journalism 2 Stroud Kristin Morgan
Journalism 3 Stroud Sabrina Goddard
Journalism 4 Liberty Academy Mason VanAntwerp
Journalism 5 Liberty Academy Josh Cain
Keyboarding I 1 Maud Callie Sullins
Keyboarding I 2 New Lima Michael  Patton
Keyboarding I 3 Maud Haley Smith
Keyboarding I 4 Dale Morgan Long
Keyboarding I 5 Konawa Hailey  Wilson
Keyboarding II 1 New Lima Amanda  Bevelhymer
Keyboarding II 2 Maud Courtney Thornton
Keyboarding II 3 Earlsboro Dylan Taylor
Keyboarding II 4 Wanette John Reed
Keyboarding II 5 Dale Chelsea Jordan
Oklahoma History 1 Macomb CHRIS  LLOYD
Oklahoma History 2 Konawa Rex Walker
Oklahoma History 3 Dale Lucas Battershell
Oklahoma History 4 Butner Deserae  Hannabass
Oklahoma History 5 Dale Chance Scarborough
Physical Science 1 New Lima Ryan Cloud
Physical Science 2 Strother Courtney Ackerman
Physical Science 3 Calvin Kaleb Blaylock
Physical Science 4 Earlsboro Zac Miller
Physical Science 5 Dale Katherine Weatherby
Physics 1 Strother Kirsten Neal
Physics 2 New Lima Ryan Cloud
Physics 3 New Lima Amanda  Bevelhymer
Physics 4 Stroud Brett Shipman
Physics 5 Stroud Sabrina Goddard
Psychology 1 Stroud Natalie Houtz
Psychology 2 Maud Robyn Gregory
Psychology 3 New Lima Oliver Morgan
Psychology 4 New Lima Jama Farrow
Psychology 5 Wanette Zach Lambert
Reading 1 Stroud Kyle Miller
Reading 2 New Lima Sarah  Wilson
Reading 3 Macomb CLAY DODGION
Reading 4 Earlsboro Josh  Dyer
Reading 5 Stroud Amber McKnight
Spanish I 1 New Lima Rachel  Valdez
Spanish I 2 Strother Heaven Kelough
Spanish I 3 Stroud Morgan  Timmons
Spanish I 4 Stroud Danielle Foster
Spanish I 5 Butner Christy Roberts
Spanish II 1 New Lima Lynnette Gomez
Spanish II 2 Earlsboro Patrick Bryan
Spanish II 3 Stroud Hayden Haines
Spanish II 4 Dale Heather Watts
Spanish II 5 Butner Alex  McGee
U.S. History 1 Liberty Academy Oliver Ware
U.S. History 2 Varnum Tanner Sturgeon
U.S. History 3 Konawa Meggie  Akerman
U.S. History 4 Stroud Sarah Veroxie
U.S. History 5 Stroud Eric Gilbert
Vocabulary 1 Stroud Kyle Miller
Vocabulary 2 Dale Trace Dilliner
Vocabulary 3 Strother Dalton Coates
Vocabulary 4 Liberty Academy Matt Diehl
Vocabulary 5 Liberty Academy Oliver Ware
World History 1 Stroud Brian Andrews
World History 2 Varnum Greg  Votaw
World History 3 Macomb AMANDA  BROWNING
World History 4 Konawa Jordan Garner
World History 5 Davenport Jake Tonubbee


Year 2008

Division 1

Art Awards

Drawing-   Black & White Media
1st   Katie Ticknor   Shawnee
2nd  Evan Oldham   Prague
3rd  Alex Hayes      Seminole  

Honorable Mention  
Ty Butler                Prague

Drawing-Colored Media
1st   Saxon Turner      Tecumsehl
2nd  Jake Bolander     Prague
3rd  Aubrey Milburn   Shawnee

Honorable Mention  
Valen Richardson      Tecumseh

1st    Dakota Fite        Prague
2nd   Ashley Laws      Prague
3rd   Rachel Allen       Seminole

Honorable Mention
K.C. McCray            Bowlegs

1st   Rebecca Kelly     Tecumseh
2nd  Jake Bolander     Prague
3rd  Rebecca Kelly     Tecumseh

Honorable Mention
Jazz Dixon            Shawnee

Best of Show
Jazz Dixon            Shawnee

Division 2

Art Awards

Black & White or Colored Media
1st   Jordy Garren    Maud
2nd  Jessie Stovall    Macomb
3rd  Kevin Plank      Macomb

Honorable Mention  
Mandy Mitchell         Macomb

1st Madison Johnston  Earlsboro
2nd Madison Johnston  Earlsboro
3rd Sammanthe Blanks  Macomb

Honorable Mention
K.C. McCray     Bowlegs

1st Chance French      Earlsboro
2nd Cheyenne Myers  Earlsboro
3rd  James Waller       Earlsboro

Honorable Mention
Kevin Williams          Earlsboro

Best of Show
James Waller       Earlsboro

Open Show

Black & White Digital
1st  Meiland Mayberry
2nd  Mersadee Mask 
3rd  Rebeka Bylandr
             Liberty Academy

Honorable Mention
Josh Cain    Liberty Academy.

Black & White or Color Digital
1st  Shandra Massad
2nd  Josh Cain
           Liberty Academy
3rd  Rebekah Byland
           Liberty Academy

Honorable Mention
  Rebekah Byland  
          Liberty Academy

Best of  Show
Michael Mayberry    Shawnee