The Direct Student Loan program has both a subsidized and an unsubsidized component. A subsidized Direct Student Loan will be provided only to students with need, as defined by the US Department of Education. An unsubsidized Direct Student Loan will be provided to all students not to exceed the Cost of Attendance when combined with all other student Financial Assistance resources. Direct Student Loans will not be processed for students attending less than Half Time.


Direct Student Loans will begin to be disbursed approximately 7 weeks after the semester begins and enrollment/academic status has been verified.


Students who are in default on a guaranteed student loan and/or who owe a refund on a federal grant will not be eligible for a Direct Student Loan. A written release from the U.S. Department of Education or the appropriate loan guarantee agency must be provided before a student in default and/or owing a refund on a federal grant will be considered for any Financial Assistance.



Steps to complete:


All applicants must complete step one.


Step 1 This step is REQUIRED  Complete the SSC Online Loan Application.   (electric submision method preferred)


           FIRST TIME BORROWERS MUST GO TO , and  complete steps TWO AND THREE.

             You must have your Department of Education / FSA ID  to complete these requirements.







Step 4. EXIT COUNSELING - - Do not complete UNLESS you are graduating or transferring to another institute. You must have your FSA ID