The rooms are furnished with a bed, XL twin size mattress, dresser, desk, chairs, and sitting furniture for each resident.  You will need to provide bed linens, towels, personal items, etc.  You are allowed to bring a computer, TV, small (compact) refrigerator, and a microwave.  The rooms are provided with hookups for basic cable, internet, and local telephone service at no additional cost to you.


Are you wondering what to bring with you? If so then see college supplies.pdf




COST PER SEMESTER (Subject to Change)     Effective Fall 2016


Double Occupancy room which includes a 19 meals per week meal plan $3535.00 + $100 room reservation deposit.


Student may pay the total amount due for the entire semester in advance or in four equal installments. For the Fall Semester payments are payable on August 1, September 1, October 1, and November 1 . For the Spring Semester payments are payable on January 1, February 1, March 1, and April 1.  Payments do not include deposit or additional single room charge. **


Housing Application and Contract.pdf   | Meningococcal Vaccine Compliance Form  |






Please print the housing application, housing contract, and the Meningococcal Vaccine Compliance Form.  Complete all three forms and mail them along with the $100 room reservation deposit or appropriate payment to the housing office. 

Seminole State College – Housing, 2701 Boren Blvd., Seminole, OK   74868


One hundred dollars ($100) must be paid in advance to reserve a room. The $100 damage deposit is refundable at the end of the contract period, if eligible . See Contract for details.  Deposit may be carried over from the previous semester.


All rooms will typically be double occupancy. Single private rooms, if available will have an additional charge (contact Housing Office for details). This amount must be paid at the time of application. If a single room is unavailable, this amount will be refunded upon request.



Note: Rate Schedule is subject to change. Check with the Housing Office for the most updated schedules.   adobe acrobat




Campus Policies and Residence Life Information


Students please familiarize yourself with Seminole State’s Student Handbook   Campus Policies and Procedures can be found on pages 23-31 and the Residence Life section is on pages 31-36.



Meningococcal (Meningitis) Disease


Oklahoma Statutes, Title 70 §3244, requires that all students in any public or private postsecondary educational institution in this state who reside in on-campus student housing shall be vaccinated against meningococcal disease.

The statute permits the student, or if the student is a minor, the student’s parent or other legal representative, to sign a written waiver stating that the student has received and reviewed the information provided on the risks associated with meningococcal disease and on the availability and effectiveness of the vaccine, and has chosen not to be or not to have the student vaccinated.


Meningococcal vaccine information.pdf



Residential Assistant


If you are interested in becoming a Residential Assistant, please read the Resident Assistant Information Packet.








**Note: Students who have not made the installment payment with five (5) days past the due date, you are subject to removal from the residence hall, and the forfeiture of the right to take meals in the cafeteria. There may also be other disciplinary action, such as the placing of a "hold" on the student's transcript. If an emergency arises which prohibits a student from meeting the scheduled installment payments, the student must request an extension and make updated payment arrangements through the Housing Office.