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Updated on 08/02/2018

You can call anyone at Seminole State College by dialing the College number at (405) 382-9950 and asking for the person or the extension OR you can dial directly to their office by dialing (405) 382-9 and their extension number. Email addresses are first initial <dot> lastname

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Professional Staff
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Administrative Team
Reynolds, Lana SSC President Ext. 218
Knowles, Bill Vice President for Student Affairs Ext. 272
Crouch, Tony Vice President for Fiscal Affairs Ext. 277

Mills,Tom Vice President for Academic Affairs Ext. 203
Hunter, Marc Director of Information Technology Ext. 514

Professional Staff
Anderson, Lauren Recruiter/Advisor Ext 751
Bean, Kristen Financial Assistance Specialist Ext. 294
Briscoe, April GEAR UP Advisor Ext. 685
Brooks, Stephen Business Assistant / Professor/Coordinator of Outreach Ext. 261
Cathey, Edie Financial Assistance Specialist Ext. 708
Cobb, David Information Technology Technician Ext. 265
Cook, Jason Advisor / Instructor Ext 689
Cooper, Misty GEAR UP Advisor Ext. 684
Crawford, Kenneth Director of Tournament & Events Recruitment Ext.263
Dirlbeck, Stephanie  Talent Search Advisor Ext. 724
Dunn, Kristin Director of Community Relations Ext 218
Eldredge, Deedra NASNTI Coaching Specialist Ext. 615
Harjo, Angela  Talent Search Advisor Ext. 709
Haney, Damaris Educational Talent Search Advisor Ext. 713
Hanson, Rick Information Technology Technician Ext. 591
Hill, Mary Ann Educational Talent Search Program Director Ext. 703
Hix, Julie GEAR UP Director Ext. 681
Hutchins, Carmen Advisor /ADA  /Business & Education Division Ext. 252 /561
James, Judy Accounting Professional Services Ext. 558
Jones, Courtney Human Resources Director Ext. 204
Judeh, Shakira Physical Therapy Program Director Ext 700
Ledford, Sarah Student Support Services Advisor Ext. 549
Lemmings, Ed Director Campus Safety & Security Ext. 500
Lindsey, Robbie Information Technology Technician Ext. 690
Little, Steven Media Relations Coordinator Ext. 525
Madden, Tammy Director of Advisement & Title III Ext. 716
Manlapig, Janna STEM Student Support Services /Student Support Services Project Director Ext. 642
Marshall, Melissa Business Ext. 622
Moon, Shaina STEM Student Support Service Advisor. Ext. 702
Morris, Sheila


Ext. 501
Murray Jr, Michael Information Technology Technician Ext. 654
Newell, Holly Sponsored Programs Compliance Officier Ext. 290
Nix, Jeanie GEAR UP Professional Development Coordinator Ext. 682
Norman, Teresa Web Specialist Ext. 568
O'Connell, Dianna Student Success Instructor/Advisor Ext.  729
O'Dor, Karan Upward Bound II Coordinator Ext. 712
Parker, Carol NASNTI Ext. 640
Preston, Brandon Talent Search Ext. 704
Pringle, Kimberly GEAR UP Advisor Ext. 683
Ramsey, Paige Upward Bound  I Coordinator Ext. 707
Rinehart, Melanie Financial Aid Director Ext. 717
Rodgers, Natasha Bookstore Operations Director  Ext. 574
Ross, Louis Chief of Police Ext. 500/526
Rudolph, Jennifer GEAR UP Advisor Ext. 686

Savage, Tina Testing Center Coordinator Ext. 576

Schnell, Michael NASNTI Instructional Design Specialist Ext. 641
Sewell , Leslie Athletic Services Coordinator Ext. 541

Sims, Melinda Residence Life & Student Activities Coordinator Ext. 604
Skender, Anna Upward Bound  Math-Science  II Coordinator Ext. 723
Stanley, Kara Title 3 Curriclulum Specialist Ext. 214
Taylor, Veronica Director, Employment Readiness Ext 521
Thornton, Richard Upward Bound Director Ext. 710
Tyler, Robin Librarian/LAH Transitional Instructor Ext. 246
Utterback, James President Emeritus Ext. 555
Votaw, Laura SSS Advisor Ext. 297
Wallace, Kay NASNTI Student Egagement Specialist Ext. 646
Washington, Holly STEM Advisor Ext  547
White, Heather Talent Search Advisor Ext. 701
Wietelman, Billi Title III Grant Advising Specialist Ext. 726
Williamson, Ronnie Upward Bound Math/Science I Coordinator Ext. 711


Ellis, Andrea   Central Oklahoma Technology Consortium Coordinator Ext. 569

Eugenia Woodson

Director of Food Services

Ext. 221
Pierce, Wanda Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) Ext. 517
Smith, Larry Rural Business & Resources Center Director Ext. 544


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Michael St. John Athletic Director (405) 382-9201
James Martin Baseball Interim Head Coach (405) 382-9224 Baseball Assistant Coach (405) 382-9224
Amber Flores Softball Head Coach (405) 382-9533
Kerry Wilson Softball Assistant Coach (405) 382-9771
Don Tuley Men's Basketball Head Coach

(405) 382-9571 Men's Assistant Basketball Coach (405) 382-9571
Rita Story-Schell Women's Basketball Head Coach (405) 382-9223 Men's & Women's Golf Head Coach (405) 382-9588 Men's & Women's Tennis Head Coach (405) 382-9609
Daniel Hill Volleyball Head Coach / Soccer Head Coach (405) 382-9559
Raeleigh Shockley Voelleyball Assistant Coach (405) 382-9559


  Ross, Louis Chief of Police Ext. 500/526
Baker, Bryant Police Officer Ext. 500
Bumgarner, Jordan Police Officer Ext. 500
Bunnie, Jesse Police Officer Ext. 500
Factor, Dan Police Officer Ext. 500
Williams, Williams Police Officer Ext. 500
Yeager, Dylan Police Officer Ext. 500
Yeager, Houston Police Officer Ext. 500
  Emergency Numbers SSC Police 380-8989  

Classified Staff
Administrative Assistants
Crawford, Robin Administrative Assistant VP for Academic Affairs Ext. 210/203
Downey, Mechell Administrative Assistant  President Ext. 260
Guinn, Cindy Administrative Assistant VP for Institutional Advancement Ext. 542
Landes, Carol Administrative Assistant VP for Fiscal Affairs Ext. 219
Wittmann, Toni Administrative Assistant  VP for Student Affairs Ext. 216
Division Office Managers
Gavin, Ann Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Division Ext. 266
Hutchins, Carmen Business & Education Division / Advisor Ext. 252
Keisman, Sherry Nursing Ext. 205
Morris, Tina Social Science / Language Arts Ext. 554/561
Parsons, Christina Employment Readiness, Asst. Job Skills Specialist Ext. 548
Bighead II, Tommy HVAC Technician Ext.240
Bland, Patty Trio Programs Office Manager Ext. 705
Brooks, Tracy Night housekeeping Supervisor Ext 240
Brown, Caitlin Financial Assistance Clerk Ext. 516
Bryant, Alice Housekeeper Ext. 240
Cartwright, Alissa Admissions Records Clerk Ext. 510
Castle, Dwayne Maintenance Tech Ext. 778
Daugherty, Alec Admissions Clerk Ext. 510
Dykes,Sherri GEAR UP Office Manager Ext. 687
Epperly, Cristopher Part time Police Officer Ext. 500
Foster, Stacey Admissions Records Clerk Ext. 510
Haynes, Harold   Housekeeping Ext. 240
Haynes, Lanita Bookstore Clerk Ext. 530
Higgins, Mary Accounts Payable Clerk Ext. 250
Jones, Karen Cashier Ext. 515
Lee, Evan Campus Police Officer Ext. 500
Loudermilk, Bobby   Custodian Ext. 240
Mann, Michael   Groundskeeper Ext. 240
Presley, Tammy Head Cashier Ext. 237
Shumaker, Susan Payroll Clerk Ext. 278
Spencer, Mark   Housekeeper Ext. 778
Tiger, Tony   Maintenance Technician Ext. 240
Wiles, Autumn Educational Foundation Advancement Coordinator Ext. 506
Wheeler, Gloria   Housekeeper Ext. 240
Wright, Carmen   Housekeeper Ext 240
Yeager, Houston   Part-time Campus Police Officer Ext. 500