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Department and Office Phones

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Updated on 08/09/2012

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You can call anyone at Seminole State College by dialing the College number at (405) 382-9950 and asking for the person or the extension.Or, you can dial directly to their office by dialing (405) 382-9 and their extension number.

You may also send email to them by clicking on their names.

Admissions Ext. 230
Art Room Ext. 564
Athletics Ext. 541
Baptist Student Union 382-5659
Bookstore Ext. 220
Boren Library Ext. 243
Business Office

Ext. 238

Business/ Information System Division Ext. 258/252
Business and Industry Training Ext. 246/218
Cafeteria Ext. 221
Communications Center Ext. 273
Community Services Ext. 218
Educational Opportunity Center Ext. 517
Financial Aid Ext. 247
Health,P.E. & Recreation Division Ext. 541/201
Language, Arts & Humanities Division Ext. 209/561
Maintenance Building Ext. 240
Math, Science & Engineering Division Ext. 228 /266
Nursing & Health Science Division Ext. 287/205
SSC Police Dept. Ext. 500 /526/380-8989
Public Relations Ext. 525/218
Roesler Residential Learning Center Office Ext.600/ 609
Snack Bar Ext. 259
Social Science Division Ext. 206/554
Testing Center Ext. 576
Transcript Request Line Ext. 507