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Updated on 01/25/2017

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You can call anyone at Seminole State College by dialing the College number at (405) 382-9950 and asking for the person or the extension.Or, you can dial directly to their office by dialing (405) 382-9 and their extension number.You may also send email to them by clicking on their names.

Faculty email are first initial (dot) last - ex

Division Chairpersons

Watts, Valerie

Nursing Program Director /Associate Professor of Nursing Ext. 287

Schatzel, Brad

Business & Education Division

Ext. 262

Stevenson, Christal

Language, Arts & Humanities Division Ext. 207

Bolin, Steve

Social Science Division Ext. 275

Goeller, Linda
Math Practice

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Division

Ext. 228


Division Secretaries
Keisman, Sherry Sec., Nursing Program / SS Division Ext. 205
Gavin, Ann Sec., Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Division Ext. 266
Hutchins, Carmen Sec., Business & Education Division /LAH Division Ext. 252/541
Parsons, Christina Sec., Employment Readiness Ext. 548


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Michael St. John Athletic Director (405) 382-9201
Dax Leone Baseball Coach (405) 382-9224
James Martin Baseball Assistant Coach (405) 382-9224
Amber Flores Softball Head Coach (405) 382-9533
Don Tuley Men's Basketball Head Coach

(405) 382-9571

Rita Story-Schell Women's Basketball Head Coach (405) 382-9223
Richard Schroyer Men's & Women's Golf Head Coach (405) 382-9588
Brian Nelson Men's & Women's Tennis Head Coach (405) 382-9609
Daniel Hill Head Women's Soccer Head Coach (405) 382-9559
Matt Dillard Assistant Men's Basketball Coach / Assistant Women's Soccer Coach (405) 382-9571  / (405) 382-9559


Bolander, John Instructor, Speech Ext. 249
Bray, Crystal Nursing Assistant Professor  

Browning, Malinda

Director / Associate Professor of MLT Ext. 286
Bryant, Melissa Mathematics Instructor Ext. 742
Carpenter,Emily Mathematics Instructor Ext. 234
Cheng, Jeff Computer Science /Engineering Ext 570
Christiansen, Jeff Associate Professor of Government

Ext. 233

Choate,Yasminda Assistant Professor of English Ext. 289

Church, Angela

Assistant Professor of Art Ext. 251
Gomez, Lynnette Math Ext. 225
Hansen, Carolyn Nursing Ext. 285
Hankal, Kelly MLT Instructor (part time) Ext. 214
Hendrix, Stephen Political Science Ext. 202
Hernandez, Theran Life Science Assistant Professor Ext. 276
Holtz, Christopher Assistant Professor of Physical Science Ext. 226
Hudson, Brenda Associate Professor of Nursing Ext. 288
Isaacs, Jessica Professor of English Ext. 209
Jobe, Noble Assistant Professor of Science Ext. 213
Kasterke, Tammy Business and Education Division Ext. 692

McBride, Kelli

Associate Professor of English
Coordinator of Distance Education
Ext. 274
Osby, Marta Professor Ext. 206
Pound, Debra Nursing Assistant Professor  
Rogers, Kendall Assistant Professor of Psychology
Coordinator of Student Success
Ext. 691

Story Schell, Rita

Women Basketball Coach

Ext. 223
Tollett, Jarrod Assistant Professor of Math / Science / Engineering Ext. 217
Walker, Susan Assistant Professor Life Science Ext. 235
Wilson, Jim Assistant Professor of English Ext. 271
Yates, Justin Language Arts Assistant  Professor Ext. 258
Zientek, Mary Nursing Assistant Professor Ext. 285
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